Meet Jeremy Angland

I have loved the outdoors and hunting and fishing since I was a young child in the New Zealand countryside, and eventually turned this passion into a career as a Professional Hunting Guide and now, Outfitter.

It has enabled me to travel extensively, meet many remarkable people, and make life-long friends from all over the world.

I hunt when I can (although not as much as I’d like to) using both rifle and bow. Two good friends in Arizona introduced me to bow hunting and I have spent many hours with them trying to get close to Coues Deer! This has made me a much better hunter and guide and I enjoy the challenge of guiding bowhunters.

I have guided for several different outfitters in 4 countries.

  • New Zealand – Kiwi Safaris, North and South Island
  • Australia –        Hunt Australia, Northern Territory.
  • Canada –           Safari Caribou, Quebec
  • USA –                Ross Johnson Outfitters, New Mexico, Heartland Wildlife Ranches, Missouri.

In recent years I have been guiding and outfitting for myself and I find that I enjoy this more, as I get to know my clients’ needs and capabilities much better, and can provide a hunt that exceeds their expectations. I understand that “real” hunters want a “real” hunt and this is what I give them.

Please feel free to contact the references I have provided.All of them are genuine,dedicated,”real” hunters who will give you an honest account of their experiences with me.